Infrared heating systems

Infrared cabin was first introduced in 1967 by Tadishi Ishikawa from Japan. This system was primarily used only for medical purposes. Since the early eighties are the infrared cabins used by public and various specialists - physicians and therapists as a ancillary suit by various curative methods, in spa etc. Even the incubators for new-born children are beeing equipped with infrared heating systems.

What are the priores of the infrared light?

Infrared energy is a form of energy, which does not use, not like the others energy forms, the air as a transport medium. Thanks this property does the red light heat in 80 % the surrounding objects and in 20% the air. The graetest advatage of this heating method lies in the infiltration of the heat into the human body or into the other objects. By infiltrating of this heat into the human body grows a nice feeling of a pleasant warm by all person beeing in rooms that are heated by this infrared system. Stimulation of the human body by the infrared light has a healthy effects on the human organism .


Infrared radiation is similar to the radiation produced by the human body. Basically is the infrared light similar to the solar radiation but without the harmful UV radiation and without the frequency of the visible light. THe infrared radiation can generate from non-matallic elements. This form of energy heats the surrounding elements by sharing of the heat nad not using the air as a transport medium for the heat transfer.


Infrared radiation contains substantial segment of the solar energy. From biology and other clinical observations we know that this infrared energy is being selectively absorbed by various organs and mechanisms. Infrared energy does positively affect all kinds of healing processes.

Why is the climate arround the infrared heaters healthier?

The reason is that the oxygen is not being burned and the air is not dry. No exhausts are being produced. The air does not dry out.

There is a general scepsis - infrared heating systems do not produce enough warmth, why?

A lot of people think, thet the feeling of a warm environment depens on the temperature of the air, which is completely wrong. Example: not even a skier does not freeze, just because the surrounding air has a very low temperature. Explanation: he is surrounded with heat waves, which are a part of the solar radiation.

Disadvantages of the heating methods based on the air circulation.

Some of these heating methods have a direct influence on our health.All heating methods, which are warming up the air (black heat) are based on the air circulation.The more is the air getting hot the bigger is its demisting, whirling of dust, germs and various harmful organisms.Consequence: high temperatures and dry, polluted air. Another disadvantage is a high power consumption. Even worse are heating systems equiped with a ventilator. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling could be up to 10 degrees.

Are the infrared waves more expensive than the black heat?

The answer is no, infrared waves are cheaper, because the air temperature does not climb and the heat is not being accumulated by the ceiling.

Why to choose the infrared heating system?

You can save up to 50% of the energy costs: infrared waves warm up objects in rooms, but not the air. Other systems warm up the air, which starts to circulate. The consequence of the air circulation is a cold air by the floor nad hot air by the ceiling. The air temperature can be decreased, but the feeling of the warmth persists thanks the infrared waves. Infrared heating systems are also healthier, no materials are being burned - no air pollution.

Are the infrared heating systems a new invention

No, they are not. This way of heating is old as the usage of the fire by a human itself. Stone-, clay- and tiled stoves still effuse pleasant warmth. New is not the principle, but the manufacturing process.

Healthy waves

... generate immediately right after activation of the heating element and they warm up the surfaces of the objects and the human body. Similar effect can be noted in the mountains, where a man feels warm because of the solar radiation even though the surrounding temperatures are very low. Health factordravotní: air stays clean, no shortage of oxygen comes up and there is no air circulation, even the temperature losses caused by ventilation are very low. Dust particles are not being burned and there is no need of the air humidizing. That is why the infraredheating systems are suitable for people, who have dustallergies. Salubrious feel of the place can be formed with this heating system.

No dust whirling

Uniformly heat transfer hinder the air circulation, which can be observed by the regular convective heating - infrared heating system warms up the surrounding areas, inclusive of the ceilings and floors. This system has huge potentialities: no intensive air circulation, uniformly temperatures in rooms and high energy savings.

Infrared heat ? higher comfort by a lower room temperature

The warm wellbeing of a man depends not only on the air temperatures but it includes even the surface temperature of the objects by which a human is surrounded. Everybody knows the pleasant feeling of the sun radiation during winter.

Fast temperature regulation ? energy cost lowering

The best feature of the infrared heating system is the combination of low energy costs and fast reaction of the temperature changes. Convective heating systems are mostly combinations with alot of parts ? tubes, pumps, stopcocks etc., in case of a malfunction of one part the whole system stops working. This is not the case of the infrared heating system.

Optimal energy consumption

Various commodity loading calculations show a very strong competitive strenght of the infrared heating systems. Before selecting of a heating system, a man should evaluate and calculate not only the initial investments, even the energy consumption should be calculated. Product advantages: low energy losses, no need of a transport medium for the heat, easy and fast regulation of temperature, individual calculations for every single room, fast and cheap instalation, long operating life, ecologically clean, safe, space savings etc.

Energy saver

The air temperature can be lowered with the infrared heating system by maintaining of a pleasant warm feeling. Heat is beeing spread uniformly in every room. The infrared heating systems produce warmth immediately without start losses of an energy ? that is how energy can be saved. When infrared heating system is used, up to 50% energy can be saved. Infrared heating systems Exchange of energy in a way of waves, with a wave lenght within 2 ? 8 microns. The wave lenght is identical with the wave lenght of the infrared light which is a part of the solar radiation ? this enables a energy exchange from 90% into a form of heat and objects which can absorb heat can be warmed up.